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Elizabeth, owner of Sparky, sent in this testimonial

If you are looking for the very best dog trainer, look no further. Margaret is the best! She is knowledgeable with working with all types of dogs, and her calm and sweet demeanor make her a joy to work with and learn from. I worked with Margaret to help teach my 9-month-old puppy (and me!) what was needed to become a ES service dog. Wow, is she a great teacher! We both quickly learned new commands each session, and continue to follow her training advice. When I am out with Sparky I am constantly told how well behaved he is, and how happy he is, too! I give my highest recommendation to Margaret, you and your doggie will be glad you did!

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​​From puppy training to obedience dog training, everyone who goes to Purpose Driven K9 dog training in Indianapolis achieves their goals and get reliable results!

Here's a testimonial from Jim and Darlene Papenbrock back from when Margaret was training at National K-9

Maverick was adopted from the animal shelter at 6 months of age. Somehow he had made it to the Midwest from Las Vegas. He even had a chip implanted but the owners I guess didn’t want him any more because he was found wandering the streets. How ever he found his forever home with us. We had sent 3 of our other Labrador Retrievers to National K9. I worked with Maverick at home for a couple of weeks because I thought how hard can this be I know the commands I have sent previous dogs to them before… In those couple of weeks I learned that I was trying to communicate with Maverick and he did not understand me. That’s when we decided to take Maverick to National K9 and that’s when we met Margaret. Maverick took to Margaret right away and she showed great confidence and understanding with Maverick. I am still not sure how she does it but Maverick went with Margaret and their residency program and came back with a total understanding of all the commands both verbal and hand signals. Margaret held multiple private and group lessons as well as indoor and outdoor sessions with my wife and I. She gave us many real life challenges for Maverick that we worked on (ex. sitting at the car door and not entering or exiting until commanded) those little things she works on with you are the biggest joys because people notice a well behaved dog. So if you are looking for a dog trainer I can honestly say look no further, Margaret is the trainer for you and your K9…

Jim and Darlene Papenbrock
Owners of Maverick

​​​This is a testimonial from Georgann West-Coop, owner of Candy

I lost my pug of 12 years that had been my constant companion.  In missing her so I decided to get a pug puppy – 7 weeks old.  This little gal was a bundle of energy that I could not control – and honestly didn’t know if I could keep her controlled to the point of enjoying my new little pug.  My kennel, which I have used for years, referred me to Purpose Driven K9 and I called Margaret Earl to discuss behavior modification.  She evaluated Candy and quickly determined that she was a bundle of wiggles but very smart and that it could be a good challenging energy with training instead of a frustration to the point that I wasn’t enjoying my new little companion. 
She trained Candy for six days of residency.  She did come home with many issues being tunneled into a personality that was high-energy but taking a new direction.  Margaret was quick to respond with each call or ‘text message’ as to my questions and the solutions to them.  She made changes to training collars, advised me how to work with Candy, as I too had to be trained.  Each day she makes strides that are surprising and pleasing making her now a pleasure – still with me learning as well as the dog. I was so pleased with the progress that she is now going back for the remaining six days of residency where she will advance to new strides.  Margaret is compassionate with your ‘little people pet’ as well as leading the pet owner in the direction to be a good pet owner with guidance in training your dog when you have them home.
I would recommend anyone to give this instructor your pet and you too will be amazed as to the changes in behavior that you see – and not in months but days and weeks that are fun, much less stressful, and I now have a new knowledge about training, supplies and equipment and know how to use them so my dog can be a well-behaved pet that people are glad to greet and love.
Proud owner of a Pug – Candy West-Coop

This is a testimonial from Heidi, owner of Deeks

We rescued Deeks when he was 8 weeks old. He came with some very severe aggressive behaviors... The confidence that Margaret had with Deeks was incredible. He knew right away that she was the boss. We sat in awe as we watched her work with him, only having met him 20 minutes before. Deeks of course, tested his limits with her, but Margaret has such a calmness, total confidence in herself and her work, that we were just amazed. We were at our wits end... just about ready to send him back to where he came from. Watching Margaret work with him gave us hope. We made the tough decision to leave him in Margaret's care for a 3 week residency training. When we picked him up, Mararet explained in great detail the reasons Deeks behaved the way he did. She taught us how to continue his training with great detail and much patience. I think we got more training out of this than Deeks did!! Margaret is a spectacular trainer! She is truly gifted in training problem dogs...and their owners! We are SO grateful to have had Margaret as our trainer.
Deeks is doing so much better...truly a different puppy from when we took him to her. He is still in training at home, but he is now a much more pleasant puppy to have around! I would certainly recommend Purpose Driven K9 to anyone & everyone!!

Here's a testimonial from Chad, owner of Gunnar

I wanted to let everyone know of the work Margaret has done with my 1 year old German Shepherd. His name is Gunnar.

Margaret has not only been there from the time I brought him home but along the way. She has also done training with him and he has had a complete difference. She continues to not only do training, [she] assures you understand how to follow and work with your puppy/dog. She is very easy to work with, very affordable, and well worth the money. Not only am I recommending her to others, I recommend her to you. Gunnar is really behaved and very pleasing.

Thanks Margaret. You're the best!

Chad with Gunnar

Here's a testimonial from Theresa about her Pit Bull Blue

Margaret has made my dog the most behaved and well-trained dog in the neighborhood. Margaret started working with my dog since he was 9-weeks old while he attended her puppy preschool class. From there, she was his instructor while he was undergoing residency training. Margaret is professional and takes great pride in her work. In return, the dogs have great respect for her as their handler.

With Margaret's help, I am confident to bring my dog to festivals and farmers markets. I am able to have dinner guests over with small children and know that he will remain in his "place" while we are eating or have children playing around him. I have also been able to bring my dog onto a school bus full of people while I was being shuttled to a Halloween fest.

People always comment on how he is so well trained my dog is. My dog is a great ambassador for how sweet pitbulls can be.

Matt's testimonial about his training experience with his dog Miley

I’ve had Miley for just over 3 years and we’ve been working with Margaret for 2 of them. I don’t even know where to begin with how much my dog has improved from all of the work and training we’ve done together. Miley is a high energy dog that is constantly moving and used to get into things she shouldn’t, Margaret helped teach Miley and myself (I feel like I was the one who needed the training more than the dog!) on ways to redirect her attention and find tasks to accomplish. Also, every time I go out of town I leave Miley with Margaret and each time I come home she’s improved from when I left. I know when I drop her off that she is in good hands, is continuing to receive training, and is with someone that she’s comfortable being around which leaves me with the peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about my dog while being away. Margaret definitely knows what she’s talking about and is passionate about it too, anyone who trains with her and puts in the time with their dog will undoubtedly see positive results.

Testimonials from owners who went to Purpose Driven K9

Amy and Tom sent us this testimonial about their experience with their Golden Doodle, Toby

We LOVED the training our dog, Toby received at Purpose Driven K9. It is a different approach where they train the dog first and THEN train us.  So many places train the owner and then expect us to remember how to do everything correctly.  The facilities are clean and the staff is consistently friendly and go overboard to accommodate the dog owner.  I cannot say enough about our trainer, Margaret.  She made us feel like we were her only client and took the time to get to know us and our dog. Toby loves to ride in the car and goes just about everywhere with us.  When he gets within a mile of the facility, he stands up on the back seat and sticks his head out the window in total anticipation to come to see Margaret.  We have participated in almost all the training offered at the Purpose Driven K9 and Toby has stayed over for weeks at a time.  He  STILL gets excited when he knows we are going there. I strongly recommend Purpose Driven K9 to ANYONE who truly wants their dog trained correctly. Our goal is to have Toby ultimately trained as a therapy dog and at 10 months, he is already well on his way.

THANKS Margaret and Purpose Driven K9!